Newborn Essentials – What You Need on Your Baby Registry!

Hi loves,

So, this has been a pretty requested thing on my Instagram whenever I post about certain things I am using with Scarlett and what not. I thought I would put everything for you guys on one post instead of having to answer a bunch of different people about a bunch of different things. Below are products that I LOVE and am likely using every day with Scarlett! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about them but please read this first! ūüôā

These are in no particular order of importance, just listed for your convenience.

1. 4 Moms Breeze Plus Playard

If you’re going to buy any sort of pack and play, this is the one I highly recommend. I have used other pack n plays before just from babysitting and nannying over the years and this is by far the easiest one I’ve ever used. You literally just push the bottom down and bam it’s done being set up. No tricky handles on the side to squeeze and push and pull and all that BS. Plus I love this one because it has an attachment for the top that is half a changing table section and half a bassinet for newborns. This part is super easy to attach too it just slips over the top and there are clips that hook onto the side of the railings. I just love how easy this thing is to put together and take apart. It WILL be great for when we travel but right now we just keep this in our living room as our changing table for her.

2. Hatch Baby Rest

This is a sound machine as well as a night light that I ab so thankful I bought. I actually purchased this after I had returned something we got doubles of from our shower and used the gift card to get this instead and I’m so happy I did. We use this¬†literally every single day. It sits right on my bedside table and it’s not too big so it doesn’t take up a ton of space. During her naps and at night. I turn on the sound machine for her naps – which if you haven’t researched into why sound machines are great for babies you definitely should and you definitely need one – and then we use the sound machine and the nightlight every single night. I love this sound machine because you can control it from your phone too. So when I am putting her down at night I turn on the sound and the light with the light way dimmed down but then when we wake up in the middle of the night for her feeding and diaper change I turn the brightness up for her diaper change and then back down when I’m feeding her. Then we leave the light on very dim throughout the night just so I can see her if I need to check on her at all. This is great too because when they wake up in the middle of the night and you need to change them or do whatever needs to be done, you really don’t want to turn on a bright light. You want to keep everything as quiet and calm as possible, that way they will go back to sleep easily after you’ve changed them and fed them. HIGHLY recommend this baby.

3. DockATot

This thing is a life saver. Now a lot of people love this or the Snuggle Me Organic which I don’t have but I’m guessing as long as you have one or the other you’d be set. This is basically just like a little bolstered cushion that you can lay your baby down in. We leave it basically on our couch and put her in it sometimes for naps (with our supervision) or just when she’s chilling out and we’re like right there too – it’s good for when I’m folding laundry and just need somewhere to lay her. You really shouldn’t use it in a crib or bassinet though because they could roll to their side and have their face up against it and not be able to breathe. In the beginning we actually did use it in her Halo bassinet even though we knew we weren’t supposed to just because she was so tiny, but we ended that quickly because I was too worried about anything happening to her and I didn’t want her to get used to it and then need it to sleep. But anyway this thing is great and I highly recommend it!

4. Portable White Noise Machine

This. Is. A. Life. Saver!! Seriously, so once your baby gets used to having a white noise machine when they sleep, this is perfect for when you go out and the baby falls asleep in the carseat and you want them to sleep a bit longer. It’s small enough that I just place it right in the car seat with her, or you could loop it around the handle or put it in a stroller as well. It’s also great to have in the car if you’re trying to get them to take a nap in their carseat in the car. This one has 3 different sound modes and you can change the volume level as well – it gets pretty loud which can be nice for certain circumstances.

5. A Variety of Swaddles

As we all know, babies love to be swaddled. They’re all cramped up in the womb so it makes sense why they love this so much too – if you think your baby doesn’t like swaddling then just wait for my next thing because you’ll quickly learn she/he probably does like it, they just need some help. Anywayyy. I made the mistake of putting multiple of the same swaddles on my baby registry and Scarlett ended up not really liking those ones – of course. My advice is to pick two or three to put on your registry that way you can try them out and see which one your baby likes. They all vary a bit but we personally found that she really liked the¬†SwaddleMe¬†swaddles and the¬†Ollie¬†Swaddle. The Ollie is a bit more pricey but it’s really great quality and I like that it starts right at the shoulders and plenty below her mouth/chin, that way you don’t have to worry about it being bunched up around their face – which was one thing I didn’t like about the Halo ones, they were always bunching up. The SwaddleMe ones our pediatrician recommended because they’re much less bulky than the Halo ones and they also didn’t bunch up as much around her face. These are a great option if you don’t want to spend a bit more on the Ollie one. We now have the SNOO basinet for her which uses a specific swaddle that attaches to the bed, but you can actually purchase their swaddles as well if you’re interested but don’t have the basinet. They’re currently BOGO 50% off too! They are another great option if you don’t want to spend as much on the Ollie, plus they’re super easy to use.

6. TakingCaraBabies Newborn Sleep Class

This was a life saver. I learned SO much from taking this online course and I wish I had done it before Scarlett was born. As you guys know we struggled with her being super fussy and colicky in the beginning. In the midst of my searching for any solution to our problem, many of you on Instagram recommend I take this course. It’s $74 but it is SO worth it. Putting Scarlett down for bed and naps now is so easy because the techniques we learned from this course work so well.¬†This Newborn Sleep Class¬†will save you a lot of time and tears from struggling to put your baby down. Even if you already have a baby she also has a class for 3-4 month old babies or 5-24 months old. I’m in no way paid to say this lol I just really learned so much from this class and want to tell every new parent to take it.

7. A Variety of Binkys

Again, all babies are different so just like with the swaddles it’s hard to say which binky/pacifier/whatever-you-wanna-call-it your baby will take. I actually was smarter with this decision and I put 3-4 different kinds of binkys on my registry since I had heard so many people say this to me already. Personally though we love these¬†Bibs Binkys. You can buy them on Amazon, they come in multiple colors, and not to be that mom LOL but I think they’re the cutest and least obnoxious looking binkys. Luckily for me they are the ones Scarlett likes the best too!

8. The Haakaa

The whaaaaat? Lol. I know, it sounds weird, but trust me you need it.¬†This¬†is a manual breast pump that you use on the opposite while your baby nurses. It’s made of silicone and you just squeeze it and suction it on to your opposite boob from the one the baby is nursing on and it catches your let down. Honestly I was so happy I got this thing. Once you start breastfeeding, should you choose to, you will find that your breasts leak, a lot. Specifically when you are nursing one side, the other one starts to leak, like you’ve turned on a faucet. Instead of wasting all that milk, some genius woman invented this little guy. I love this thing too because really I hardly ever pump anymore either. I use this when she wakes up for her feed in the middle of the night and then as well in the morning. Just from those two sessions I get usually about 2.5-3 ounces that I then put in the freezer to save for later! So it’s super helpful if you’re like me and don’t like pumping but still want to have some milk stored up for whenever you might not be around.

9. The Fridababy Snot Sucker

This just sounds like it’s getting even more weird lol but I swear it’s a thing and it’s another thing you need!! So basically this is like a little tube you put in your baby nostril and then you put the other end of the tube in your mouth and yes you suck the snot out of their nose. But don’t worry there is a filter and there is literally no way you could get boogies in your mouth!! It works really well, much better than those bulb suckers. I would say make sure you get this one I’ve linked that comes with the saline as well because you need that anyway to use it. Sounds weird and gross but hey your a parent now or about to be one so you better get used to it!

10. Snuggapuppy Swing

Some of you may be surprised that I didn’t put the Mamaroo on here and well let me tell you why. Though I do like it and we did use it more when she was first born, we found that she really liked a lot of movement so I wanted to try out an actual swing instead. My mom bought us¬†this one¬†from Amazon and it has been a life saver. She will usually take her morning nap in here and often times she will just hang out in it and look up at the little mirror or the mobile. This is sort of a hard thing to recommend sometimes as well because I know a lot of moms whose babies love the Mamaroo – you kind of just have to hope your baby will like whichever swing you end up getting. But also this one is on sale right now for like $50 less than usual! So if you don’t want to spend as much as you would on the Mamaroo, definitely give this swing a try – we love it!

Bits and Bobs

These 10 things above are things I really feel like I couldn’t live without now that we have Scarlett. I’m sure as she grows and changes so will this list and I will gladly do another one for you guys as the months go on if you’re interested in that. But as of right now these are the things we are using every single day and I’d highly recommend them. There are of course many other things we use on the daily that we like a lot so I thought I would just give a quick list of some of the other items we use pretty frequently:

  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste¬†– Scarlett got a pretty bad diaper rash in the first few weeks and we used this along with aquaphor and it seemed to help. Now we put it on for every diaper change.
  • Water Wipes¬†– we love these wipes because they just have water and a bit of fruit extract in them, no chemicals or harsh fragrances or anything. We also started using these when she got her diaper rash and I think these helped a lot too. I also love them because they are very wet and they do a good job cleaning her up.
  • Multiple blankets and swaddle blankets – ¬†We use a bunch of different blankets and swaddle blankets on the daily. Some for her naps, some for when we go out in the car seat, some that go over her swing or Mamaroo when she’s in it, etc. I feel like blankets are a pretty common gift to give when someone has a baby so we actually received many as gifts. One of my favorite blankets for her to cuddle up with is this Little Giraffe¬†one. Its definitely a more pricey one but it’s so soft and I know that this will be a blankie she will have forever! For swaddle blankets I love these Copper Pearl¬†ones because they are SO soft! I got a ton of the aiden + anais ones but they’re kinda scratchy!
  • Infantino Baby Carrier¬†– So we actually got the Lille baby carrier from our registry and I think it will be really great for when she’s a bit bigger, but I ordered this one as well a few weeks ago and really like it. It’s much simpler than the Lille one and has less straps and stuff so there’s not a bunch of stuff in her face. The Lille one was just like too much going on for us right now and this Infantino one is perfect just for when we go for a walk or like when we went to a brewery with my husband’s family last weekend!

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