The Beauty In Type One Wednesdays 10/9/19

Hey guys!

So I wanted to start a new weekly series on my blog that I’m calling The Beauty In Type One Wednesdays. I’m going to attempt to do this every week, or at least every other week (new mom life is still crazy over here). My goal with these posts is to share one thing that I have found beautiful in my life because of type one diabetes! I want to share this with you guys to just remind us all that even though we have our struggles with this disease, we also have a lot of joy that can come from it. I also want this to be like a weekly discussion – so comment on here, or on my Instagram (@thebeautyintypeone) about one thing that you have found to be beautiful in life with type one diabetes, maybe it’ll make it onto one of my posts some week!

This weeks BITO Wednesday is the DOC, or diabetic online community! I thought this would be appropriate for my first post on this since well, this is what we’re all about. This DOC is truly something beautiful that has come out of having type one diabetes. When I started this blog and Instagram I did so in hopes of connecting with this amazing community online. I never knew what a huge part of my life you guys would become. I honestly have made some of what I would call my best friends through this community. You guys are so supportive and uplifting and now that I have you all as apart of my life, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys. I can’t believe I lived so much of my life without this space!

Not only has this community helped me with my diabetes and taught me SO much – who knew a back site could work so well (lol shout out Kendall! @thesweetlibrarian) – but you guys have also been there for me through all of my struggles, and yes I share a lot of them on my Instagram because it just makes me feel so much more connected to you guys and I want to be real. Not only are you guys supportive when I have a tough diabetes day or things just aren’t going the way I want them to, as is common in the life of a diabetic, but you guys come THROUGH for ya girl when someone is mean to me lol. For instance last night when I posted about a really tough day as a new mommy, you guys not only left me super sweet comments and messages about how I’m such a good mommy and that I would get through this rough patch, you also had my back to a “troll” that commented some mean stuff on my post. It doesn’t even matter what she said and as I said on my Instagram, I blocked her and deleted her comments from my post, but the fact that you guys wanted to stick up for me so hard really just warmed my heart. There are so many people online who think it’s okay to just comment mean things and be downers because well they’re behind a computer screen or a phone. But on my page, even though I share my struggles with you all, I like to stay positive. I have been bullied before in real life and it sucks. I had a hard time in high school and I never want anyone to experience bullying because it really messes with you. And as much as I appreciate you all wanting to put this girl in her place, I also wanted to remind us all that we’re better than that and we don’t respond to bullies by bullying them back. That was why I asked you all to leave her alone because clearly she’s dealing with her own issues and I’m not the type of girl who believes in an eye for an eye. We just block the people who think it’s okay to treat other people like that and keep being our fabulous selves! 💁🏼

Anyway, I just really appreciate you guys for everything you do. The amount of kind comments and DMs I get is really what keeps me sharing the truth and realness with you, even if it isn’t the prettiest post. This community is definitely something I feel very fortunate to have in my life and if it weren’t for type one diabetes I would’ve never found it.

So, thank you diabetes for showing me the beauty in the diabetic online community!


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