Nursery Reveal!

Hi loves!

I’m so excited to finally be sharing our nursery reveal with you! I’ve put a lot of time into this room (and this post) and I honestly feel like it is going to be perfect for baby Kirby. My sister helped with some of the design aspects in here as she works for an interior design firm in Boston. A lot of the stuff though was stuff that I picked out and would send her for her “approval” on things! 🤣

I was torn between doing a video and talking about everything or just doing a blog post with photos and writing everything out. When I asked ya’ll on Instagram (@thebeautyintypeone) which you would prefer, it was split about 40/60 so I decided I would just do both! I thought for the video I would just do sort of a walk through and then for the blog post I am going to describe things a bit more and link everything on here as well for you to shop. Plus I’ve added in some more photos too.  Just click on the text that show up in a different color and it will bring you right to the piece so you can shop!

Video linked here:

Alright let’s dive right in!

nursery 1

Let’s start with when you walk in and what you see first, the glider and poof. Now, this room is quite tiny but I knew I wanted to have a glider in there that was big enough and comfy enough for me to rock the baby in but that also still fit in this room. I also decided against doing an ottoman because it really just would not fit in this space so we decided to do a poof instead. Originally I was looking at a glider from Pottery Barn but the price was just so ridiculous we decided against that one. Luckily my mom bought this glider and this poof for us and I love it and it was like half the price of the original one we were looking at! Thanks GG! I also wanted to make sure I had some sort of end table next to me because I knew I would want it for a glass of water, or my phone or whatever I may need to set down while I’m rocking the baby. I needed to find something small and I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it so I found this one from Amazon that ended up fitting perfectly – plus there was no assembly required, it’s literally magnetic. So easy.

Above the glider we hung this rattan light to add a little warmth into the room and I found these acrylic book shelves to use right next to the glider. I really tried to think about the flow/function of the room as well when setting everything up. Clearly I’ve never had a baby before but with my years of experience nannying I have spent a lot of time in nurseries and sort of knew what I liked and didn’t like before hand. I love the idea of having the books next to the glider as well as a more soft light above because it’ll be perfect for when we have a routine of reading to the baby every night! Also this mirror we hung near the glider was perfect because it helped make the room feel a little bigger and it was something we already had anyway! This was a little DIY project my hubby did for me a few years back when we moved into this house. The original edge of the mirror was silver but he spray painted it gold for me. I’ve linked what I believe is a similar one I found on Target since this was one was from a few years ago and I couldn’t find the exact same one. Finally we got this beautiful rug and luckily it was on sale when we bought it! I will say it does seem to shed a lot but I’m hoping over time and the more we vacuum it and such, the shedding will go down. I love that it is sorta fun with the irregular polka dots but still looks nice and works well with the neutral theme in the room.

These curtains and curtain rods were also something we already had in this room before we turned it into the nursery. The curtain rods were another spray paint DIY Jonathan did for me, again spray painting them gold (I went through a phase where I literally wanted to spray paint everything gold lol sorry babe but thanks for doing it anyway 😂). The curtains were a splurge (since we bought 4) when we were setting up this room to be my “beauty room/changing room/closet” back when we first moved in. And before anyone freaks out thinking we must be having a girl because the curtains are a blush pink…no, we still don’t know. I just love these curtains and didn’t want to have to buy new ones if these ones will work out. If baby Kirby ends up being a boy we’ll probably buy some more neutral ones….maybe…lol.

nursery 5

Next comes the star of the show, our beautiful crib. My mother in law bought us this crib way back in like February I wanna say? I picked it out and was so excited because not only is it beautiful but it also converts to a toddler crib with an attachment piece you can buy. It’s such a timeless piece that I know we will have for years whether that be for this current baby and their toddler bed or for our next baby’s crib in the future! I love that it has the drawers on the bottom especially since we don’t have a ton of storage in this room since it’s pretty small.

You can see it better in the video, but I will link everything I can from the crib here as well:

MattressSheets Quilt | Crib Bumper | Little Giraffe BlanketBoppy | My First Teddy 

P.S. the mattress we chose is amazing. It’s made of a special plastic material that is woven together that allows it to be completely breathable in case the baby happens to roll over onto their belly and end up on their face. It’s supposed to help with avoiding SIDS. Plus it is completely washable as well, you can throw it in the tub if need be, so cool!

These adorable animal prints are probably my favorite thing in the nursery. I love the donkey one and actually Jonathan and I joke and say it kinda looks like one of our dogs, Oscar lol. Of course the bunny one is super cute too. They’re both just so fun and cute and I knew I wanted them above the crib for the baby to look at it and be a focal point of the room. Plus I think they look super adorable against this temporary wall paper we bought from Etsy! My sister convinced me to go with this subtle sage color and I love the way it ties the whole room together and just brings a bit more color into the room without being too overbearing.  The set of matching baskets in the nursery, one in front of the crib and one in the corner by the lamp were both from Homegoods. The one by the lamp is what I plan to use for baby’s laundry basket and the one by crib is for toys and little things like that. The small white one was actually from our wedding that we used for cards. It’s now turned into a handy basket for storing swaddles. Also, side note but I’m obsessed with this beautiful diaper bag backpack from Freshly Picked that I can’t wait to use with Baby Kirby. I knew I wanted a backpack style but also one that I felt would still look nice and be somewhat stylish for me.

nursery 6nursery 7

We decided we did not want to buy an actual changing table because honestly in my opinion I think they’re such a waste of money. I’m a much bigger fan of buying a dresser and using that as the changing table on top. Luckily, this dresser we bought had an added piece you could buy to attach to the top to create a perfect changing table spot! I love the gold knobs on this dresser and how it helps tie into other gold pieces we have in the room. The dresser topper was sort of pricey but to me, buying this piece for the top of the dresser was worth it because we can then still use the dresser when the baby doesn’t need a changing table anymore or in the future when we have another baby we can make it into a changing table again. All around a win win if you ask me. Also just FYI the changing table top attaches to the back of the dresser not the top, so it doesn’t like ruin the top of the dresser by drilling holes into it or anything. I wondered about that before we ordered it and come to find out all of the hardware needed to attach it was already stuck to the back of the dresser.

Above the dresser I bought some more acrylic shelves but these ones are smaller than the book shelf ones I got and they come in a pack of three. They are also from Amazon. I wanted these just for little things I wanted to have in the baby’s room but since we don’t have a huge dresser I knew we didn’t have room for them anywhere else. Many of these pieces on the shelves like the blue music box and the little cup are actually from when I was a baby. My mom saved them for me and gave them to me on my baby shower, it was so sweet and I’m so happy to have them now for my baby. The baby monitor we got was actually given to us by one of my moms friend because she had just purchased it but her two year old son would just walk over and turn it off 😂 So we lucked out and got this one for free from her! I’ve played around with it a bit and it seems like it’ll be a great one so I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

nursery 2

Also, this is the diaper pail that we decided to get (in grey) – I like this one because you don’t have to use specific bags with it, you can use any trash bag you have which will really save money. Then I picked up this adorable lamp from Target that I absolutely love.


nursery 4

I’m sure I may have forgotten to link something for you guys but if you have any questions you can always comment on here or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to help you out! I hope you guys have enjoyed this, it’s been so much fun for me to slowly piece everything together and come up with the (mostly) final product. I can’t wait to bring Baby Kirby home to this room and show him or her how much time, effort, and most importantly, love we’ve put into their new little living quarters! 🙂




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