Top 5 pregnancy must haves

Hi loves!

So, since I’m in my 3rd trimester and currently 33 weeks ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I thought it would be fun to do like a top 5 pregnancy must haves post – a diabetic version and non diabetic version. I am going to do this non diabetic version first as sort of a test run to see what you guys think. So definitely let me know if you’re a diabetic follower and want to see that!

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Okay so pretty much as soon as I got pregnant I ordered some pillows specifically for pregnancy to help with sleeping. I didn’t really need them for a while but I am so happy I got them when I did because when I needed them, I needed them! I actually use both the pillows you see above but the little wedge one is a life saver. Once my belly got big enough that lying on my side felt like there was a bowling ball in there, this bad boy really came in handy. My sweet husband actually surprised me with this one and even though he hates all the pillows in our bed now lol, this one really is amazing. It also works really nicely to help prop you up in bed for reading or whatever you may be doing…like writing a blog post…

2 – All the oils and lotions and creams

If you follow me on Instagram (@thebeautyintypeone) then you saw my post about how upset I was when I found my first stretch mark. Now that I am 33 weeks I do have more and it does still upset me sometimes. BUT, regardless of whether or not you will get them (there are SO many factors that come into play here) I highly recommend getting some oils or creams or lotions for your belly because it gets itchy as your skin is stretching! Above are two that I have really liked. Again, no these are not magic and I’m not saying they’ll prevent you from getting any stretch marks, but they are soothing when your belly starts to itch. Honestly though there is literally NO way to tell if you will get stretch marks or not. They say it has a lot to do with genetics, how fast you put on weight, how much water you’re drinking, and maybe a litttttle bit about moisturizing your belly. Well let me just tell you this – my mom didn’t get any on her belly (she did in other areas) when she was pregnant, I have barely gained 20 lbs so far and my doc even said she’s not worried at all about my weight gain and that it has been completely normal so far, I drink a lot of water on most days,  I was oiling my belly every single night, sometimes twice a day….and yet I still have them. So yes, it bums me out sometimes, but I know that this little baby is all going to be worth it in the end.

3 – Baby 411

Before getting pregnant I wasn’t really set on getting a bunch of parenting or baby books because it’s really just not my style. I just felt like all the important stuff I needed to know my doc would tell me about, and everything else I would just learn as I go. Then a blogger I follow posted about this book and how helpful it was and I just thought I’d give it a go. It’s like under $20 on Amazon and it really is filled with so much good information. I haven’t read the entire book but I know that this is going to be a book that I will just keep around and it will be great to have on hand if an issue ever comes up that I need help with. Plus there’s a really good section on sleep in this book, I highly recommend it!

4 – A Maternity Jumpsuit

So I ordered this jumpsuit pretty early on in my pregnancy but I just knew I was going to love it. It’s honestly the most comfortable thing everrrr. I wore it when we were flying to Michigan a few months ago and it was soooo comfy. I don’t wear it as much now because it’s way too hot for it but let me tell you if you’re pregnant during any colder months at all you should seriously think about getting a maternity jumpsuit, it’s so comfy. Plus it’s so cute! I’ll link a few options if I can find them at this one is somewhat pricey.

5 – Pregnancy Apps

Of course, what fun would pregnancy be if you didn’t know the size of your baby at all times in comparison to a fruit?! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No but seriously, it’s actually really fun to check and see what size baby Kirby is each week. I honestly use all of these apps and check them all every week lol.

What to Expect (the purple one)

The what to expect app is good because it gives a lot of info about what’s going on with the baby in there as well as what mama should be expecting. Plus there are some community chats you can join in if you feel so inclined. It will also tell you what the size of the baby is each week, usually in a fruit or vegetable comparison.

Pregnancy + (the pink one with baby)

This app is really fun because it shows you the size of the baby in multiple different ways: size by fruit, size by animal, and size by My sister particularly likes this one when I send her the size by animal updates. This is really all I use this app for though there are many other functions you can do it on like add photos of your belly, add baby names you like, etc.

The Bump (the “B” one)

This one is another one I use mainly for the size of baby function. However, it also gives a nice overview of what is happening with the baby and milestones they are reaching each week. Plus there are multiple articles linked each week that are fun and interesting to read about all sorts of various pregnancy and baby things.

Ovia Pregnancy (blue one)

Again, this one shows you the size of the baby. However, what I like most about this one is that it shows you how big the baby’s hands and feet are at each week. So it has an outline of an average newborn size baby’s hand and foot and then it shows where your baby’s hand and foot is at each week. It’s so cool to see how much they’re growing in this way and how tiny it starts out in the beginning!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about things I have used a lot while pregnant. This was fun for me to write and I hope that it actually helps someone out! Like I said up top, I was thinking of doing a diabetic version of this too so if you’d like to see that be sure to let me know either by commenting on this post or on my Instagram! If you’ve had a baby yourself, what were some of your must haves or things you always turned to? I love hearing about other mama’s journeys and how different we all are! Pregnancy can be a seriously tough mental, physical, and emotional journey but it is also so beautiful and rewarding. I just can’t wait to meet this little baby of mine!




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