Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey guys! So the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is practically here! Early Access if you are a credit card holder (or debit card like me though they don’t offer a debit card anymore) starts tomorrow Friday July 12th 12:30 pm EST.

This is such a good time to buy designer and non designer pieces for the upcoming fall season. The sales on some of these pieces are amazing and they WON’T LAST LONG!

Here’s what I’m hoping to be able to buy from the sale tomorrow assuming I don’t get kicked off and I’m able to purchase a few things!

nord sale picks

All of the links to these pieces are over on my account so please go follow me there! Just click the collage above and it will take you right to my page! From there all you have to do is download the app and you’ll be able to shop mine and thousands of other bloggers posts! It’s honestly the easiest way to get direct links to anything I post about that you might be interested in purchasing.

These Vince Cameo Booties are to die for and they are definitely going to sell out so quickly!

This lace trim leopard cami is so cute and will look great with black jeans and a blazer or cardigan for date night!

Yes another Leopard print lol but I’ve heard this cardigan is so soft and it’s great to dress up any outfit.

Finally I hope to purchase this Tunic Sweater. It has buttons down the side and looks so cute and comfy. I’ve also heard this is super soft and I feel like this will be great for me post partum this fall when I’m lounging around the house to throw on with leggings or I could easily dress it up with black jeans and the Vince booties!

Of course there are millions more things I would love to buy from this sale butttttt gotta be smart here (mostly thanks to my husband telling me no LOL). I hope that someday I will be able to do big hauls for you guys and show you all the best deals and things that I think are going to sell out fast, but for now I just wanted to share the few pieces that I hope to be able to purchase! If you plan to shop tomorrow, good luck and let me know what you get!

P.S. if you are looking for more amazing content on this sale head over to – she has SUCH amazing coverage of this sale and really goes so in depth on what she bought and what she thinks is worth it!





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