Look….pregnancy in itself is hard. Type 1 diabetes in itself is hard. Put them both together and it’s even more difficult. I’m sharing some real raw feelings I was having tonight with you all because well that’s just me. I want to share what’s real and honest in hopes that someone else can relate or someone else can not feel so alone. That’s it. The rest of my venting is down below.








  1. Susan desgrosseilliers says:

    Awwww baby, I love you so much. You are so incredibly strong , beautiful, inspiring and the best daughter (along with Alex 😉 any mumzie could EVER have. Keep going, I can’t wait to meet my little grand baby…. you will be the BEST mommy.
    I love you

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    • andrearomie says:

      It is soooo hard and I feel you on basically everything you said here. I’ve done it twice and it’s really hard to even explain the feelings you have with anyone who hasn’t been in our situation. You are trying so hard and you will make it. Lean on your resources and you will get there! No one warned me that even with good control your babe may still struggle maintaining their own blood sugars after birth and that may be scary but baby will be make it through too… Not to scare you, rather to inform and hopefully baby won’t have any issues. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I assure you that prize at the end of the tunnel is well worth it!!!


  2. Christie says:

    I just watched this and cried with you while walking up and down my driveway at 12am trying to get my blood sugar down. I’m in school and working full time too. I feel every word you said. We can do this, one day at a time, step by step! Thank you for posting this, I needed it, especially tonight.

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