Testing My Blood Sugar on My iPhone!

Happy Thursday loves! I hope everyone is having a great week, thank God it’s almost Friday amirite?? Feels like it’s been a long week! Anyone else agree? Anyway, this week I was sent something that I think is really pretty awesome. Get this, it’s a glucose meter that plugs into your phone! It’s so cool! It’s called the Dario and it’s an all in one meter – meaning it includes the meter, test strips, and poker all in one small apparatus. AND it fits in your pocket, just a bit bigger than a marker!

I actually did a quick little unboxing video if you guys would like to check it out here!

I show you how to use it and what is included in the kit. They also are having a special offer and discount going on where you can get the entire kit for 50% off! If you’re interested just click here!

Now before the social media policy come for me, no I’m not being paid to tell you to go buy this or give it a good review lol. I did get it sent to me for free however, all the opinions on it are my own!

Which leads me to my next point. The first day I got it I was testing my numbers with the Dario as well as using my personal meter that I use every day. I was finding some discrepancies. I contacted the guy I had been in contact with about this and his response was this “We do get asked about this and accuracy is extremely important to us. We are ISO certified and cleared by the FDA, so rest assured our meter is highly accurate. The truth is there is always a +/- deviation and without, but instead of me explaining it, I would like to introduce you to Tamar T (cc’d here). She’s a registered nurse and part of our support team… and far more knowledgeable than me about accuracy and diabetes in general!”

I was quite impressed with the quick response and I even got a call from the nurse the very next day. She explained to me that there is always some variance between meters (which I was aware of) but she is also sending me some control solution so I can test and be completely sure this meter is accurate! Overall I was very impressed with their customer service and support. I am going to continue to use the meter and I plan on updating you guys more in the near future on how I’m feeling with it after more use.

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like using the free app on your phone!

In the end I am quite impressed. The fact alone that I could have this meter, test strips and poker in my pocket and not feel like I’m carrying around a pocket full of crap is awesome lol. We as type ones in this day and age are pretty lucky with the advances in technology that are being made. It makes me so excited to see what the future has in store for us and I really believe it’s companies and products like this that will help us further our progress!






4 thoughts on “Testing My Blood Sugar on My iPhone!

  1. Susan DesGrosseilliers says:

    That looks really great Em! It would be especially good for someone like say… your sister (if she had type one ) because well…. we know how she might forget say the test strips or lancet lol! With the Dario everything is all in one!
    Nice work!


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