Fresh Start

Hey everyone!

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I used to have a different blog that focused solely on makeup. While I still have a passion for makeup, skin care, and even fashion I found myself looking to blog about things that felt more passionate in my heart. Doing makeup is certainly a passion of mine and I love experimenting and trying out new techniques, but once I started blogging about it, it began to feel more like a hassle to me and I wasn’t enjoying it as much. This is what led me to me finding a new community to connect with back in January of this year.

If you know me personally then you know that I have been type one diabetic for nearly 15 years and this July will be my “diaversary” as we in the diabetic community like to call it. I never knew that there was such a huge online community and presence that revolved around type one diabetes. I wish that when I was a little girl I had had access to such an amazing platform to share and confide in my fellow “diabuddies.” I can only be so grateful now that I have discovered this whole new world.

My goal for this new blog of mine is to really focus on what every day life is like as a type one diabetic. I may occasionally do more YouTube videos (although most likely they will be more diabetes focused than makeup) however for now this blog and my Instagram are going to be my two main platforms to share with you guys. For now I want to share my experiences, my feelings, and my life! I’ve never let type one diabetes stop me from doing anything I wanted and I never will. I hope you guys will join me on my new journey and maybe even learn something new!





3 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Susan DesGrosseilliers says:

    Once again… so proud of you!! You have NEVER let diabetes stop you from doing anything and you about put me in the hospital…. let’s see…. Trip with Gould Academy as a Freshman to China at age 14?? Hiking in February through the white mountains with Gould Academy as a Junior!!!!

    Oh, And great job raising over $800 at Sunday’s diabetes walk!!!

    Love you


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